Rafaspice is a producer and exporter of natural Egyptian medical herbs and aromatic herbs, with more than 16 years of technical experience. At Rafaspice, we fully understand the Egyptian market dynamics, its producers and suppliers, thus we have chosen our motto to be “We Sustain to Remain” and we strongly believe in TEAM concept; “Together, Everyone Achieves More”, thus our sustainability triad consists of Our Customers, Our Suppliers and Us.

By this we mean sustainability of our relationship with our Customers as we are looking to build long term partnerships through a deep understanding of their needs and working for their benefits. We understand the international trade dynamics, and we offer our clients the necessary tools to make it continuously successful..

Also sustainability of our relationship with our Suppliers, as we are partnering with reputable suppliers who have a wide access to reliable producers in different Egyptian governorates to ensure smooth transactions and availability of the product, while ensuring the traceability of our products.


Rafa means “God Heals”, and in Arabic it means “Happiness and Prosperity”.

At Rafaspice, we are two partners with a passion towards the magical effect of Egyptian Herbs and spices in healing different diseases.


Our customers prefer to work with us because we are SMART!

• Specific: we are specialized in herbs and spices production & export with several qualities (ASTA, EU, MRLs, Organic…etc), actively serving in the field for more than 16 years.

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Egypt is famous for a large array of conventional and organic herbs and spices. Rafaspice sources products that grow in Egypt and the surrounding countries.