When herbs and spices technical know-how meets business knowledge, the customer is always the winner!

About RafaSpice


In the bible, Rafa means “God Heals”, and in Arabic it means “Happiness and Prosperity”.

At Rafaspice, we are two partners with a passion towards the magical effect of Egyptian Herbs and spices in healing different diseases. We met to turn this passion into a profitable business, building upon our 35 years of collective business experience.

The 1st partner is a Pharmacist, who is responsible for herbs sourcing and quality control. He has 16 years of experience in the field of herbs and spices, being a lead auditor of ISO 9001, and ISO 22000, worked for the biggest Egyptian herbs and spices factories in quality assurance, quality control, production and factory management. He is highly experienced in countries and customer specific standards and specifications.

2nd partner has been for more than 21 years in the international business development and export management field, highly experienced in understanding foreign buyer commercial needs, ensuring smooth transactions and transparent communication, thus building long term business relationships.


We aspire to be perceived as the benchmark for Egyptian exporters of herbs and spices, who offers consistent quality and sustainable business, thus gaining customers’ trust.


At Rafaspice we are dedicated to continuously supply our customers with the exact specs required, while offering topnotch customer support, mitigating business risks, and closely managing the relationship with our suppliers and their producers. Our staff are highly trained to safely fulfil the desired orders specifications.